Sunday, April 18, 2010

Up Up and Away

Pan, who and what art thou?" Hook cried huskily.
"I'm youth, I'm joy," Peter answered at a venture, "I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg."
(from Peter Pan)
This last week was good I brought most of my grades, so i am not failing any more. Woot Woot! Swim practice is still swim practice. I also played my bassoon at the 5th grade band night so people would play bassoon and it worked I got 3 kids to play the bassoon. I had fun doing it so that is all that matters. Last night i went to a swim party for my summer league team and it was actually fun because my friends were there, OHHH and Marrissa the monkey was there, but that story is for a diffrent time. Well 30 days left of school and I cant wait then I will be a freshman. YES!!!! Peter Pan once said " To die will be an awfully big adventure".

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