Friday, May 14, 2010

Pete: I can't sell you Elliot. I don't own him.
Hoagy: Well what did you do, rent him?
Dr. Terminus: Well who owns him?
Pete: No one, I guess. He just sort of goes to those who need him.
Dr. Terminus: *I* need him! Look deliver Elliot to me and the fiver is yours plus a special growth formula that's guaranteed to bring on puberty about a year early... and that's better than a dragon, eh?

Ha So this tuesday I met a little girl named Sophia. She is 5 years old, she looks like a 3 year old. She had no idea how to swim until I coached her. She obeyed me and every thing which most kids didnt do. And at the swim meet she droped 10 seconds off her time I feel proud of my self and of her. And I was like Coach laura look at her strokes, and coach laura said "wow she must have a good teacher" and then I said "more like I have a good student". I love when kids can listen and obey... Too bad I dont. HAHAHA. On thursday we had are hildebrandt meet. It was amazing. Too bad that we are wayyyyyyy better than schindewolf. Richard Slup slowed down a lot so every one thought we were being bad sportsmanchip peope. Now today Kenna Provost and Blake Mount invited me to see iron man 2, too bad it was raining so it got canceled. :(. TOMORROW we are GOING TO SCHLITTERBAUN. YESSSSS.

Willie: [after being knocked in the mud by Elliott] Somethin' hit me!
Grover: What somethin'?
Willie: If I knowed what somethin', I wouldn't call it somethin'! I'd call it by its name!
next week snow white so says emily scott

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